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Csongor Kőrösi
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Beautiful, modern Mobile app UI design is right here. In this roundup we're sharing 55 amazing mobile app UI designs with ultimate User experience.

Movies Card - UI Interactions

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned that we will see more and more subtle interactions in the upcoming weeks and year.

Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch | InVision

R: Great transparent boxes and font, interesting transparent background. Pro: icons, in particular text boxes. Gradient also works very well to create order/flow. Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch

The Art of Color Coordination

The Art of Color Coordination. This infographic discuss about color coordination and how you can use this to your advantage when designing your website. Good color choices should never be neglected in web design. A bad color combination can have the same

How To Make Low Carb Quest Protein Bars...and I really need to learn how and make my own...seriously. I am Quest addicted. www.MaMaCHANGE.com

Quest protein bars are awesome. I recommend them, and everybody loves them. They're high in protein, legitimately low in carbs (no sugar alcohols), they're