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by Wang Xizhi

This handscroll illustrates the story of Wang Xizhi ( 303 – the calligraphy master of legendary fame and a practitioner of Daoist alchemy, who was said to derive inspiration from natur

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The Famous Smiling Angel sculpture, Notre-Dame de Reims.

Hermes con el niño Dioniso: Praxíteles.  Hermes con el niño Dioniso es una escultura griega de mármol con una altura de 213 centímetros que se encuentra en el Museo Arqueológico de Olimpia.

Hermes of Praxitelis , Parian marble ( century BC ) depicting god Hermes bearing the infant god Dionyssos.Exhibited in Olympia Archaeological Museum

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Apollo Belvedere, discovered in The Apollo is thought to be a Roman copy of Hadrianic date (ca. of a lost bronze original made between 350 and 325 BC by the Greek sculptor Leochares.