Il tempo

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an image of a man with long hair and the words in spanish above him are two images
a woman's profile with the words in spanish above her head and below her face
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a man holding a woman in his arms with the caption'i am not in cui sua che la differnza, l '
an old book with spanish writing on it
the words are written in different languages on a white background with an image of a dog
two hands holding each other with the words in spanish
a man and woman leaning up against a wooden fence with the caption in spanish
a person sitting on a dock with the words written in spanish and english above them
a woman's face with the words in spanish
a blue and white poster with the words vivi la vita
a man and woman kissing each other with the caption'esserci e funico modo di crono dop girime amarre
a man and woman kissing in the rain with an italian quote above them that reads, i amore derunda l'annna e la rena la rede
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench
an open book with some writing on the pages and two words written in spanish above it
Cartolina con Aforisma sulla Vita. Spesso vorremmo dire cose che per qualche strano motivo teniamo per noi. Con Immagine di Pagina di Libro. Da Scaricare o Condividere Gratis.