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two gold and black beads are attached to some hair
Nice Hare's Ear Variant
a red and green fly flies through the air on a blue sky background with gold tips
Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing : Fly Tying Tutorial
a close up of a fly on a wooden surface
Back to the future - steelhead nymphing!
Nymph for winter steelhead.
an orange and white fly with measurements for it's size, length, and weight
How to tying flies | THEFEATHERBENDER
Follow these proportional rules and your dry flies will be well balanced and float the way they should.
a purple and white fly with some scissors
Steelhead Fly Patterns: Fly tying videos | The Caddis Fly
Samurai steelhead pattern
a close up of a fishing lure on the ground
Tying a Clear Stretch Pheasant Tail Nymph by Mak
Tying a Clear Stretch Pheasant Tail Nymph by mak-flies. Pay attention to the great tips on how to improve your ribbing technique - YouTube
an orange and green fly on a white background
Nymph Flies for Fly Fishing
One of the most versatile nymphs for trout, the Holy Grail takes more fish in more situations.
an old wooden cabinet with baseball bats and other items in glass doors on the inside
Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Fly Rod Cabinet
a computer desk with shelves and drawers on it
Fly tying desk ideas