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Maria Cristina Cazacu

Maria Cristina Cazacu
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People don't know, but some of the most religious people i know are cheerleaders. Everybody thinks were awful, but not everyone is a stereotype.

Back spots cheerleading

This is so true bcit's like if there sould be no backspot then the flyer would get hurt

Cheerleading. this is just a cool picture. even though we couldn't do stunts like this, it makes me miss cheerleading.

Motivational cheerleading poster of a single based partner stunt cupie / awesome. Caption underneath reads " Impossible (I'm Possible)<br /> Measures 33 x

Cheer Quotes For Bases. QuotesGram

Chloe is a base and Backspot.she has taken Many a Bruise From NEVER Dropping Her Flyer.You Rock Chloe Year in Cheer years old, well almost Love My TWEEN is just like me