Traditional Romanian costume, from Banat

A Romanian Popular Costume from the plains of the Banat area, my region.

Selfportrait - Traditional Romanian attire © Silvia Floarea

Selfportrait Traditional Romanian attire A Thousand Flowers

Baile Herculane, Romania

allthingseurope: “Băile Herculane, Romania (by Infinight) ”

King Michael of Romania

Posts about Romanian Royal Family written by ColoRostariu

Retezat Mountains - Bucura Lake - Romania,

ᙢᏋяⱴᏋįℓℓɛųᎦɛ Ꮳяєαɬįσи (Taul Portii Lake by Janos Gaspar)

Romanian blouse detail 19th C

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Palatul Kretzulescu (Rumanía, 1902). Petre Antonescu (Rumanía, 1873-1965). // Perfectamente adaptado a la naturaleza en la que se integra, fue construido en estilo romántico con elementos decorativos del Renacimiento francés.

Palatul Kretzulescu (Romania, by Petre Antonescu Blending perfectly into the natural landscape it was part of, the Kretzulescu Palace was built in the Romantic style, with French Renaissance embellishments.

Princess Ileana of Romania. Early 1920s by klimbims on Flickr.

Princess Ileana of Romania. Early by klimbims

The Bicaz Canyon, Romania - 9GAG

The Bicaz Canyon, Romania

The Bicaz Canyon, Romania -

Oltenia coase ie

Romanian blouse - Oltenia coase ie

king-michael and his family

The Mad Monarchist: Royalist Restoration in Romania?

Romanian blouse - ie. Detail. Muscel region.

Romanian blouse - ie.

Queen Marie of Romania

Marie, Queen of Romania by klimbims on DeviantArt

Romania, Moldova:  Romanian dresses are highly unique, presenting a variety of influences from the Turkish Muslims, Slavs, and even the Gypsies (Roma) throughout their long history. Moldovan costumes are highly similar (though also diverse) because of the common history, culture, and language Moldova and Romania (Wallachia) have shared. Many are quite regional, with Romanians in certain regions possessing costumes that look dramatically different from those in another county.

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The beautiful Queen of Romania

Regina Maria a României în costum popular - Queen Marie of Romania dressed in traditional costume