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Maria-Cristina Lazin

Maria-Cristina Lazin
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Hopscotch, Coding, Maya, Libraries, Photoshop, Maya Civilization, Bookcases, Bookstores, Sock Hop, Programming, Book Shelves

Third part of those Rise of the machines series based on previous works and second part Mandelbulb RandCubesIFS, P. Rearmed (Rise of the machines III)

ITs a city scape on a record. The city is a silhouette which blends into the record which is a slick smooth design. There is only three main colours which look really well and blend together well.

Firefly Art, Material Art, Middle School Art, Art Classroom, Recycled Art, Assemblages, Cool Art, Art Techniques, Metal Art, High School Art, Cool Artwork, Metal Yard Art, Elementary Art

Marvel, Deviantart, Universe, Space, Cosmos, The Universe

out of place in this mechanised future

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