Ich gerade so: Oh das ist aber schön!  Wo sind die Harry Potter Bücher? Mag er/sie etwa kein Harry Potter?!? Dabei hat er/ sie doch *ganz* viele andere dort!!! WTF wie kann man kein HP mögen?!?!?! Oh- da sind sie  Braver/s Junge/ Mädchen ❤

Cozy window seat surrounded by shelves.I would love to have a reading nook in my house!


Gah can i have this sweater?


In search for the perfect DIY clothes for teens? If your teen is asking for new clothes but you don't want to break the bank, these ideas will be a hit!

i like

i like


shirt bag t-shirt hat michael jordan 23 chain summer cute 23 beanie fashion high fashiion summer outfits sweater pull gold black baseball tee converse gold necklace


Turquoise everything / nails / phone case / shorts / hair / heels / clothes


Inspiring picture black and white, mint green, heels, high heels, polka dots. Resolution: Find the picture to your taste!