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The Dirt on Soil: Why Soil Type Matters. Great soil is the secret to raising healthy carefree plants. Helps you choose the right plants for your garden. Affects when and how you plant and water your garden.

Health-conscious people have gone crazy for avocado and avocado dips. Now you can freely enjoy your guacamole without feeling guilty, because avocado is super nutritious, and packs healthy fats.

15 Incredible Ideas For Indoor Herb Garden

A mason jar herb garden! I want to hang this on my kitchen wall. All you need are mason jars, an old board, and pipe clamps! Save at least one mason jar for flowers. Perhaps a bright daisy!

10 Gardening Trends That Will Blossom in 2016 -

The secret to improving your garden is hiding in the kitchen—no compost heap required. - Tap The Link Now To Find Decor That Make Your House Aweso

To get the most out of your perfumed patio, you’ll want to use a variety of plants with a long or nearly continuous bloom, or those that bloom in succession throughout the season so there’s always som (Long Patio Step)