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there are many medals on the wall hanging from it's hooks, and one has a sign that says be awesome
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SportHooks medal display giveaway
a child's toy car sitting in front of two windows
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) on X
Radiator, handig bij de jongens op de kamer
a white bath tub sitting next to a window
The Highlands - Sarah Bartholomew
The Highlands – Sarah Bartholomew …
a closet filled with lots of necklaces and jewelry
towel rack from hobby lobby shower hooks from Walmart great way to organize and see skeins of yarn.
the kitchen counter is clean and ready to be used as a spice rack for spices
29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living
#25. Use your backsplash to store things that would otherwise be taking up valuable counter space! | 29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living
the sofa table is on sale for $ 30
$30 DIY Sofa/Console Table Tutorial (Jenna Sue Design Blog)
I made it home safe from Seattle and it’s right back to work! I mentioned earlier that I was staying with my cousin and helping her update her living room there. It was a pretty hectic week with both
there are two mason jars on the wall and one is filled with rocks in it
20+ DIYs for Your Rustic Home Decor - For Creative Juice
Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns:
pink roses are in a mason jar with water and dried lavenders on the outside
may. #flowers
three candles sitting on top of rocks in a glass bowl
DIY Spa Bathroom on a Budget! • The Budget Decorator
Take cheap candles, wrap them with twine, and place on dollar store rocks in a glass tray for spa bathroom decor