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a chair with a jesus face on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
"You shall not sit." Lol! Excuse the language.
two men in yellow vests are standing next to a large bird that is on display
It really wanted those noodles
two pictures of a person holding an ornament in their hand with the same photo on it
oh my gandalf I need this!!!!
a man standing in front of a wall with a map on it and paint roller
LOTR fans will know...everyone else move along, nothing to see here
Just leave it as it is!! I'm pretty sure the next person in will like it, if mot they could paint it themselves later
the two scenes in lord of the rings are identical to each other, and one is pointing at something
"This is how Bilbo talks to wizards and royalty." Must be the Martin sass.
a magazine cover with a woman wearing a crown on her head and text that reads,'thrandil crown collection '
a child's drawing of a red car with three people in the passenger seat
an image of lord gandal in the middle of two pictures with caption that reads, welcome my lord to isengard how high are you? no gandalf
the lord of the cats is depicted in four different ways, including one cat and two kittens
Lord of the Cats
there is a quote that says,'mirkwood more like jerkwod, '
the tweet is being used to describe what kind of thing he's reading
the text is written in two different languages
Treebeard is Treebeard because his name was too long in Entish for the hobbits to use. And Mount Doom has plenty of names in Lord of the Rings, it's just that Mount Doom was it's name in the Common Speech. If you wanna make a callout post for Tolkien at least do a little research first!