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Ocean pearls Slime 6.6 oz / 200 ml slime - A clear, stretchy slime made with love - Fun to play with ! - Packed in bubble wrap with instructions and borax activator will be included.  DO NOT INGEST SLIME Keep sealed in the container when not being used. Check out my Instagram for slime videos! @slimepetalss Feel free to contact me if there is a problem with your slime Please write a nice review, thank you for checking this listing out ❤️
Go make this Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner tonight! I’m not even kidding. It’s completely delicious, and the sauce is to die for! via @breadboozebacon
The wonderful love of a horse! Romantic day at the beach topped with a horse hug!
Fondo de pantalla
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Pink and blue wall
Don't get me flowers, get me a bunch of pink balloons for V-day