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1 Sadouguchi (Host's entrance)  2 Tokobashira (Supporting pilar)  3 Otoshigake (Tokonoma Lintel)  4 Kakejiku (Hanging scroll)  5 Tokogamachi (Tokonoma bottom beam)  6 Temaeza (Tea master's tea mat)

Sizes and styles of Japanese tea ceremony tea rooms, Japanese tea ceremony designs and decoration of tearooms.

Tea Ceremony(茶道), a traditional Japanese culture

Tsubai The Japanese tea ceremony (Sado, Chado, "the way of tea") is a traditional ritual in which powdered green tea (matcha), is ceremonially prepared and served to a few guests in a tranquil setting (Chasitsu "tea room").

The Way of Tea HD - YouTube

A presentation of a Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado or Chanoyu given by the students at the Urasenke Chapter in Bucharest, Romania (Urasenke Tankokai Ro.

茶室「待庵」Tai-an Teahouse, designed by Sen Rikyu, Azuchi-momoyama period, Myokian Temple, Kyoto Prefecture

National Treasure of Japan, Tai-an tea room 国宝待庵 妙喜庵: It's the oldest tea room and designed and made by Sen no Rikyu Azuchi-momoyama period, Myokian Temple, Kyoto Prefecture