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Chihaia Cristina

Chihaia Cristina
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Брожу одна по декабрю, неспешно хлопья снега собираю, и лгу себе, что не люблю, и лгу себе, что забываю...                                                                                      ... А кому - то всегда всё равно... а кому - то всегда больнее...  в эту зиму я загадаю одно: чтоб мы были чуть - чуть сильнее...

Light Zone Winter is my favorite season is because of the beauty of ice and snow, and opportunities to be able to capture the breathtaking landscape pictures. 30 inches of snow falls overnight would create a picture of wonderful winter… Continue Reading →

Is it sad that the first place I ever saw snow was in Texas? I told Tobi I'd love to visit Utah one day. I said you can snowboard while I sit inside in a warm hotel admire the view and sit in a warm bath hahahawhat?

W i n t e r l i g h t #sweden // Photography by Maria Anderhell (@mariaanderhell) • Instagram

Lover of beauty, catching extraordinairy things in ordinairy moments. Sharing inspiring thoughts and.

I have to tell you, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of recipe testing, writing, and videos– and it’s been absolutely awesome. Although spending more time creating content for this little blog is an adjustment, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Seriously, a big thank you to all of you for giving us...Read More »

Pumpkin Cafe de Olla - Mexican coffee with a mix of clove, cinnamon, and milk. Add pumpkin for an extra special fall addition.