The national flag of Romania is a tricolor with vertical stripes, beginning from the flagpole: blue, yellow and red.

Pretty flag of romania picture by Burleigh Young

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Symbol of World war II in the Netherlands. Anne Frank was a Dutch Jew that was hiding from the Nazi's during the second world war. She kept a diary of her experiences during this time and her development in to becoming a mature woman.

Nazi police arrest 8 people in Amsterdam, including Anne Frank, whose diary, which was published after her death, became a classic depiction of the Holocaust.

the dutch lion is the wapen of holland for over centuries. the people within holland find pride in this symbol, it unites them together. you see it comebank often on some of hollands traditions or during sports championships, as an example with soccer.

The structure of Romanian traditional clothing has remained unchanged throughout history and can be traced back to the earliest times. The basic garment for both men and women is a shirt or chemise, which is made from hemp, linen or woollen fabric. This was tied round the waist using a fabric belt, narrow for women and wider for men. The cut of this basic chemise is similar for men and women.

Romanian people are very close to traditions and religion.

A traditional Romanian house. This kind of houses can be found in the north zone of Romania.

Traditional houses in rural Romania . *** In present-day Romania, people have of course also adapted to modern times. The traditional rustic architecture is the personalized Romanian style which de.