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two electronic devices with red numbers on the front and back sides, sitting next to each other
J-Shape USB with Super Display - Yanko Design
J-Shape USB with Super Display
an electronic device is shown next to a smart watch on a white surface with the time displayed
Dr. Loupe - Iris Recognition Paramedic Diagnosis and Recording IoT Device
a close up of a metal hook on a wall with two knobs in it
The Watermark Collection – Taps & Showers
Urbane URC05 Cooper Handle in Brushed Nickel
four different white objects are arranged in the same row
A hands-on humidifier - Yanko Design
The Pillowy Humidifier does something unusual by trying to put the experience of squeezing into a home appliance. Imagine squeezing some humidity out of a gadget. The more pressure you apply, the more humidity is released by the machine. It’s quite an unusual thing to have such a tactile experience in a touchscreen dominated world.
three different views of the same object in black and white, one with a light on it
Beauty Can Be Painless! - Yanko Design
The F_Hair Dryer utilizes a flexible funnel that directs air exactly where you need it.
two yellow and white boxes sitting next to each other
Sony TR-1825 Radio
Released in 1970, when Sony had become the first Japanese company to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Sliding the faces on this cubic radio reveals a speaker in front and controls on top, a unique design at the time. One version of its packaging commemorates the World Expo in Osaka, held in March that year, and many expo-goers picked up the radio as a gift.
a close up view of the knobs on an appliance that is silver
Clean and understated visual cues inspired the application of multiple metallic finishes onto touch points for this Frigidaire VBL project.
a close up view of an electronic device on a gray surface with a black background
UX UI AUTO Inspiration
UX UI AUTO Inspiration
an umbrella is shown with different colors and shapes
우산을 접고나서도 약간의 물이고여있거나 제대로 말아두지않으면 우둘투둘한 모습이 되는데 이제품처럼 한번더 비닐로 감싸는 형태가 되면 편리할 것 같다. 평소 우리가 일회용 비닐에 싸서 들어가는 효과를 합친 것 같다.
three different angles of an object with long, thin blades on the top and bottom
Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / blog
Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / blog | Gentlemint
two electric toothbrushes sitting next to each other on a white surface, one is black and the other is silver
We Are Social — Creative Session // Two Brothers. One Passion
Take one for the inhaler design. We have lots to refine, but it's nice to go wide in our exploration then reel it back in. #breathebetterwithcs
three clocks are sitting on top of each other
40 Cool Wall Clocks For Any Room Of The House
40 Cool Wall Clocks For Any Room Of The House
a cell phone sitting on top of a table next to an object that looks like a donut
KEF LSX II LT Wireless HiFi Speakers
Beautiful Portable Speaker Designs 120