Cristi Barnea

Cristi Barnea

Sunt mai normal ca unul din ospiciu şi mai nebun ca orice om normal, mai sfânt ca orice om căzut în viciu şi-un păcătos pe lâng-un om banal. sunt mai cura
Cristi Barnea
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A cheat Sheet for beginners - How to start with manual?

Photo shoot in Hades? A basic guideline for where to start in manual mode with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in different light settings.

The idea of light shining through things?

What an beautiful picture. This photo is so pretty. There is just one failure in this whole picture. The one failure is that leaves are not transparent so you would not be able to see through the leaf.

night exposure This is like a cheat sheet to night shoots. Caching!:)

*night lights - moonscapes, dusk skyline, traffic, fair, etc.* Nailing Night Exposures: Here's a guide to the rough settings you're likely to need for popular low-light subjects.

Manual exposure mode cheat sheet. Learn other great photography tips at

Ready to start working on your photography skills? Practicing with the manual exposure mode is the best way to get to know your camera better. The cheat sheet below covers a basic workflow when taking pictures using manual exposure. Save it, print it, put

Cheat sheet

Night Photography Cheat Sheet Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!