Costache Cristian

Costache Cristian

Costache Cristian
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Top 45 relationship  quotes #Quotes Words

That's exactly what I have. sex hasn't even entered the picture even though I feel you getting hard when I just lay on top and cuddle with you or rub your thigh after basketball practice aaaahhhhh (Basketball Frases)

Passo dello Stelvio - Italy

Passo dello Stelvio ~ Italy (Province of Sondrio) ~ The Stelvio Pass is a mountain pass in northern Italy, at an elevation of m above sea level. It is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps.

Cats have definitely mastered the art of chilling!

* * ORANGE KIT: "Me knowz big words. Dis position be goods fer helpin' circulation to de extremeties.


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