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Cristea Ciprian
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How to Make Snares for Wilderness Survival

Snaring has been an effective way to hunt since man was able to roam about Earth. You too can master this ancient hunting technique in a single afternoon by reading below. Learn how to make a simple .

Follow this pro shotgunner’s advice, and you’ll never miss another dove again (well, almost never)

Great Tips for Dove Hunting! This is always the hardest part of bird hunting for me to understand. That the bird can get the that far from the time you pull the trigger till the time your pellets hits the bird

Vantage Point Archery Spur Turkey Broadhead

(Open RP: Celeste Meadow) I walk over to a station and pick up a spear. I had never used one before, so I wanted to try it. I throw it, and miss the target completely. That's when you tap ne on the shoulder and say.

Target analysis tool for handgun shooting Find our speedloader now!  or

iheartchaos: Memorize this chart, and next time you go to the range, you’ll be slinging good advice like Hank Schrader. I don’t really find shooting to be an activity in my life, though this seems useful to keep on hand…