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an image of a man with a beard in front of a quote from theodore dostoievski
Vremurile din ziua de azi
a black and white photo with a tree in the middle of it, on a foggy day
a woman sitting on top of a wooden pier next to the ocean with a quote written in spanish
the words are written in spanish on a rainy day with red traffic lights behind them
O diferență enormă
a woman in a black dress with her hands on her hips and the words oaemeni cred above her head
a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed and hands behind her back, in black and white
a green background with the words frumuseta sulfetuu est cel mai pretos diant un suflet framos nu are varsta, are doar
a quote on watercolor paper that reads,'rar se inttampla ca
10 Citate despre oameni rai
an old man sitting in a chair with his hand on his head and the caption reads, rautata incae acc
Unde începe răutatea, citat de Victor Hugo
a man in a suit and tie with a quote on it
Ernest Hemingway – 13 Citate De Folosit Ca Principii De Viață
a woman is standing in the grass with her hand up to the sky and there is a
Despre o persoană
the words are written in different languages