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The Romans were terrified of the Dacians weapons. Their preferred sword was the single edged falcata: capable of severing limbs with a single blow. Perhaps their most dreaded weapon was the war scythe. The Romans had to adapt gladiator armor to counter it   The Dacian war scythe was known as a falx; the falcata was a Spanish weapon.  Dacian swords were short and doubled-edged, presumably based on the gladius or the xiphos.

Battle scene from the Adamclisi monument. In the foreground a Dacian warrior fight using a double-handed falx against a Roman Auxilia with lorica hamata.

Cucuteni Trypillian culture  .

The ‘Supreme Ultimate’ diagram of Taoism, the Taijitu of Yin and Yang dates back in China to around a coupke of thousands years ago, yet its origins can be found much earleir in the cultures of Cuc…

This head of a Dacian prisoner is among the highlights of the Imperial Fora in Rome exhibition at the Italian Academy

Head of a Dacian prisoner: the Imperial Fora in Rome exhibition at the Italian Academy. The expression of the existential paradox, feeling acceptance and despair at the same time.

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Dacian Draco - Draco probably continued in use in Sub-Roman and Anglo-Saxon…