Japanese collection

Origami Lotus Flower Decoration or Favor made from Japanese vintage text and moss green leaves

Summer Light, Blue & Bright - ETSY Collection

Garden Tree House with Miniature Art Dolls, Hand made, Hand Embroidered

La belle epoque in Bucharest  - ETSY Collection

Items similar to Romantic urban landscape Bucharest time travel Art Print on Etsy

"Ouch! Fun Pincushions.." Crafts collection

Nursery Home Decor Mushroom Pincushion Made to Order -New Mom- Pink Baby Girl

Autumn felt - ETSY Treasury

Orange felted bag Butterfly for girl or women

Time to travel - ETSY Collection

Woodland Volkswagen Eco Home Fine Art Print rusty green van shabby chic

Inspired, creative & unusual by eco or recycled materials..  .

Items similar to Beige FLATS Leather Recycled Utah Sandals for Men & Women - Anatomic Collection on Etsy

Think Pink! - Bright up your day with light natural materials of summer. - ETSY Collection

Wedding Cake Topper Spring Summer Tea Party Fabric Birds Pink Ivory on Etsy,

Set of Three Little Transilvanian Cottage Paper Mache II.

Items similar to Miniature Transilvanian Paper Mache Cottage II.-set of on Etsy

Felted Soap Blue and Beige with Camel (White Tea and Ginger)

Felted Soap Blue and Beige with Camel (White Tea and Ginger)