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Gift Guide for Preschool Kids 2016 - Petit & Small

Cardboard Theater Petit theatre Little red illustrated by Txell Darne for Londji. A theatre and 4 lovely finger puppets, all made of rigid cardboard. These puppets are ideal to represent universal plays and let children’s imagination fly.

TocTocLAB, Creative Tools for Unconventional Use - Petit & Small

Building Blocks by Tonouchi Tetsuo- Petit & Small

Building Blocks by Tonouchi Tetsuo Geometric and clean lines. Muted and delicate colors. Natural paints, safely for children and environmentally friendly. Tetsuo Tonouchi, a Japanese toy designer, is.

Autumn felt - ETSY Treasury

Autumn felt - ETSY Treasury

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Ceramic Teal Cat Ornament Turquoise Animal Pottery Smily Face For Kids with White Teeth

Summer Wedding

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