One of the main characters of "The Starry Wolves". Neptune is the ruler of the ocean in Solariona.Check the links below if you are interested in this original creation! Full info of The Starry Wolv.


⊙ Background 《The Starry Wolves》is an original fantasy creation which combines art, music with novel.


The Starry Wolves - Mars by ZilvenArt


One of the main characters of "The Starry Wolves". Jupiter is hailed as Father of Gods, leads the Solar Warriors, defends the center. The Starry Wolves - Jupiter

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Water wolf

Drawing for the 32 x 20 x 8 cm paper bag. You may see the finished product here : [link] Art © N. 十二嵐 Fall-wolf under the moon


Drawing Process check here : Painting for a celestial animal that called " 吉(Ji) 量(Liang) " Coming from the chinese story.

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The Starry Wolves - Earth (Gaia) by ZilvenArt