Mai multe idei de la Maëva
Stellar Fulcrum by Amdhuscias
Uriel's Favor by
Weapon Artsmithing PC for Negative:"WHITE RIDER, RED RIDER, BLACK RIDER, AND PALE RIDER..WHAT ELSE?" about prince of darkness? hmm, can't really draw all the horse here..sorry bout that! ^^ ...
Bifrost by
Blackened Oceanic Blade by on @DeviantArt
Wunderding by Amdhuscias on @DeviantArt
Prominence by on @DeviantArt
-WPN artsmithing COMMISSION- -Decorative fantasy, old fashioned blade- Client: here u go, sista! sorry make u waitin for eon...
Forbid Concupiscense Blade by Amdhuscias
Awesome design for the blade of the sword, could be used in the creation of my character's weapon.