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Elena Ciobanel

Elena Ciobanel
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I love the classic look and the beautiful lavender. Not too much, but just tasteful. I love lavender, too. I think I may put lavender throughout the wedding, in drinks, etc. lavender and rosemary cake

I am so making this!  we met - Denver, CO  we dated - Germany  we married - Brugge, Belgium  we live - Medford, OR  Now off to find maps :)

How to Make Love Map Wall Art. Includes heart-shaped maps of where you met, married & live. "We Met, We Married, We Live". Could do multiple hearts if you have lived at more than one address & change those captions to "We Lived".

always looking for cute, romantic ideas... this one looks pretty easy. my engagement ring has hearts, so we'll be using hearts at the wedding.

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas use rainbow colored strings against black. have the students write five things they want to draw before class. (use as basis of the shape for string art)