Stanley plane range

Stanley planes - Unless you are into serious woodworking, chances are good that you only need a couple of these at most along with a good block style plane.

Your Basic Guide to Chisels

Your Basic Guide to Chisels

I want to transfer some of these renderings to pieces of scrap wood for my garage/woodshop (and for Dad's).

Shop-made Hand Plane

Shop-made Hand Plane, Woodworking Plans, Workshop & Jigs, Hand Tools, WOOD Issue September Advanced

Shop made grooving planes

I don& like grooving small drawer and tray parts at the router table or tablesaw. So I made a pair of small grooving planes to do it instead.

woodworking tools

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The Studley Tool chest, invented by Henry O. Studley (b. A wall hanging tool chest which cunningly holds some 300 tools in a space that takes up about 40 inches by 20 inches of wall space when closed. Why don't we have craft like this anymore?

For #handtoolthursday an apparently shop made sander, about the same size as a…

For an apparently shop made sander, about the same size as a Jack Plane. Whoever did this went to a lot of trouble. Maybe the guy was trying to build a better mousetrap.

Plane Iron Sharpening Jig

While sharpening a plane iron the other day, I made a simple jig to produce the desired angle. I simply cut a block of hardwood to the desired angle and fastened the plane iron to the block.

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