Cris Și Vlad Raicu

Cris Și Vlad Raicu

Cris Și Vlad Raicu
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Grand Canyon Skywalk - Yikes...

Skywalk at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. It's suspended feet above the Colorado River allowing one to have a 720 degree view, through the glass floor, of the Canyon!---The Grand Canyon is on my Bucket list.

Beauteous view! | | nature | | reflections |  #nature

These geese flying in front of the sunset is a technique using both reflective photography and motion capture imagery. I like how the silhouettes are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun.

~♛~ Lady Basil ~♛~

The pure heart of a child allows them to see angels. When have been harden so much by life, that we have protected ourselves so much that we can no longer see the angel who is right besides us. the angel at rice ave.