Melanie Martinez 🍄✨️🩷

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this person listens to melanie martinez on the cover of her book
a woman with makeup on her face and the words save this if you're a earthling
Not forced :)
(Dont repost)
a woman with blue hair standing in front of a brick wall wearing a costume that says, my honest reaction
my honest reaction 🧍🏻‍♀️
a woman in a fur coat with scissors on her head
Melanie icon by me
a woman in pink dress standing on stage with her arms behind her back, and the words all of her eras are unique and beautiful
i see people debating on which is the best but she slayed all of them tbh
But I love her ✌︎('ω')✌︎
But I love her ✌︎('ω')✌︎
a cartoon character holding up a sign with the words it's my sleepover and i get to choose the movie
a woman with long hair and tattoos on her chest is smiling at the camera while she has
melanie martinez🤨
a woman with her face painted like a cat and text that reads, her hair always stays
mine <3 🍄
a girl with her eyes closed and the words i want people to look at me and think
forever gonna love Mel!!💞💞
𖤐ᝰ.ᐟ𖦹₊⊹👛mine dont repost ty!👛 𖤐ᝰ.ᐟ𖦹₊⊹ #whisper #whispers #whisperfont #melaniemartinez #obsessed #crybaby #k12 #afterschoolep #portals #earthling #melanie #crybabys #cute #pink #music
a girl in pink dress with the words whenever i hear the classrooms phone ring, the principals
*casually plays entire k-12 and other albums in my head*