Flowerpots with Pinecones

The pine cones have been decorated with modelling paste, with glitter sprinkled over and moss stuck on top. The pots have been decorated with star anise painted with metallic gold A-color paint.

Lovely Linen Angels

These small angels are made from linen and decorated with a pearl pen and mother-of-pearl buttons.

A Lantern with 3D Snow Effect

This large lantern is decorated with decoupage paper and then dapped with snow effect.

Christmas Decorations you can make yourself: Weaving Paper Strips

Weave a base using 8 x 8 paper strips. For a basket measuring 11 x 11 cm use the wide paper strips. Glue as shown in t.

A Bobbin with a Tree

This Christmas tree is wound from floral wire and inserted into a bobbin.

Gift Decorations from Natural Materials

Gift wrapping with a natural look with decorative wooden angels and cut-out pieces of bark. Use a pair of good quality multi p.

A Heart-Shaped Wooden Bowl with Decorations

A painted wooden bowl decorated with natural objects, Christmas baubles and candle holders. Finish with a lid made from weaving paper st.

Gift Wrapping, Blue Inspiration

Wrapping gifts using wrapping paper with patterns, designs and colours in shades of blue, decorated with ribbons, cards and natural mate.

Gift Wrapping, Red and White Inspiration

Christmas presents wrapped in several designs in red and white and decorated with card hearts, wooden stickers and ribbon.