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Beautiful flower drawing tricks 😍
Rosas especiales
a cartoon character holding an object in his hand
Wendy Pleakley is a major character in the Lilo& Stitch franchise. A former member of the Galactic Federation, Pleakley reluctantly became Jumba Jookiba's partner when forced to assist him in capturing the escaped Experiment 626. Pleakley is a one-eyed, "noodly" alien from the planet of Plorgonar and, as mentioned above, is a former member of the Galactic Federation, serving as their "Earth expert", and seemingly held in high regards, as he was summoned once the Grand Councilwoman demanded...
a man in a top hat is walking down the street
Israel Finn on Twitter
an open book with green leaves on it next to a wooden easel and flowers
full body base tut vc: arinnami_
an instagramr with some drawings on it, including a woman's body
a cup of coffee next to a drawing of a plane and a paper airplane on a table
My first and last love
a hand is holding an open book with a camera on it and the words march written in
Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas For March