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some fish that are drawn in pen and ink on paper, each with different shapes
SKETCHES – Léa Nahon
a hand drawn bird sitting on a branch
Mechanical Hawk Bird Animal Engraving Vector
four photos of hands and arms made out of black plastic with metal parts attached to them
Drakengard 3 Zero Fake Arm by Fantalusy on DeviantArt
an elephant made up of gears and other things on it's back, standing in front of a white background
A Menagerie of Mechanical Animals by Diego Mazzeo
Fan Art, Draw, Manga, Fantasy Girl, Animaux
the robotic hand is holding something in it's right hand and has two fingers that are
Radial BRY Prosthetic hand, Joshua Cotter
two different views of an arm and hand
[LFA] Porcelain Warforged
the instructions for how to draw an alien with legs and feet, in three different ways
EdgeOfTomorrow: LiveDieRepeat_09, Jon McCoy
a drawing of an animal that is jumping in the air with it's legs spread out
Oc, Pose, Mecha, Dnd Characters