How to make these tiny suitcases! This would be a good project for a SP Christmas tree.

Mini suitcases made out wood blocks ~ I want to make these, but with them cut in half and hinged. Carve out the insides to be just like a miniature suitcase! I like their ideas for decorating them.

How to Make Typewriter Key Jewelry ~ A Tutorial

How to Make Typewriter Key Jewelry ~ A Tutorial (idea to sell vintage crafts). Love these typewriter keys.

A tutorial on making ribbon medals. These might be a fun way to display a enameled emblem or pendant :)

All Things Crafty: DIY "Upcycled" Costume Medals used costume jewelry pendants, etc. with ribbon. permanent marker to "color" ribbon

DIY Steampunk Gauges

DIY Gauges - If you're building steampunk props for cosplay, gauges are a must-have. Unfortunately, vintage gauges (which look the most authentic) can be both hard to find and pretty darn expensive once you do track them down