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an apple tree made out of cereal krispy kreme treats
Идеи на неделю! Для хорошего настроения - запись пользователя Игровая Лавки Чудес (jumpy_1) в сообществе "ЛАВОЧКА ЧУДЕСНЫХ ИГРУШЕК" в категории Просто болталка))) -
an arrangement of vegetables and fruits arranged in the shape of a star on grass with leaves
Heute feiern wir Erntedank (oder "Ein Erntedank-Mandala")
a drawing of a tree with green leaves and fruit on the ground next to it
four different types of socks and hats with words on them, including the names for each pair
four stamps with different types of autumn leaves and pumpkins on them, including one for each
four stamps with different animals and fruits on them
the fall mosaics are made with beads
Fall Kids Craft - Bean Mosaics - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Here's a fun fall kids craft! Use cardboard and dried beans to make colorful mosaics. Create fall leaves, pumpkins, and more.