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Qualy Design's Snow-Globe-Like Spice Jars

Qualy Design take on snow globe: Clear domes contain whatever spice you load them up with, surrounding a small model of an animal or plant. Invert it and the spice evacuates through a hole in the top.

modern stone + flint tools by ami drach + dov ganchrow

This primitive tool set by Tel Aviv-based design studio Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow was released at the 2012 Budapest design week. The white modernized handles are a contrasting design against the natural blades of stone.


Designed with a stainless steel base and silicone body, the liter kettle flat packs to saving of space from its fully extended height- from NOTCOT

50-years-exploration-huge.jpg (3861×1706)

"Fifty years of exploration" -- a map / info-graphic of the paths taken by space missions throughout the solar system. Made by Samuel Velasco for National Geographic (Who commissioned the best infographics before infographics became trendy, of course).


Anthony & Nhu is raising funds for Keylet : A Minimal Key and Wallet All In One System on Kickstarter! A sleek, minimal key and wallet system that is designed for the modern lifestyle.