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Man, with all this news about Pokemon Z, i'm WAY too hyped. I NEED a Minotaur pokemon :c plz Gamefreak Spent more time painting and garnishing haha

Spine Chillin V.2.0 by darksilvania

Crappy title is crappy, but its all I can came up with right now.-CAMELUN (Camel spider-Sun spider) -Bug/Grass -San dweller pokemon "This pokemon posses one of the stronges.

Kings of Egypt V.2.0 by on @deviantART

Remake of this (M) (Egypt-Cobra) -Poison -Asp Pokemon (Cobra-Priest) -Poison/Ground -Cobra Pokemon (Pharaoh-Toxic) -Poison/Ground -Pharaoh Pokemon I'm too bus.

Land Sharks V.2.0 by darksilvania

This is the replacement of my second water starters line, my land shark [link] (Mako-Boy) -Water -Shark fin Pokemon -"This pokemon like to pla.

POWERMONS, YAY remake of this 147-CERESTROS (Cerestas-Atroz) -Dragon -Drake pokemon -"This snake like dragon wanders the roads and its mostly mistaken with a serpent. It uses the blade like scales ...

Web urban legend's line ?-BEKLUDE (BEK{Black Eyed Kids}/Delude) -Dark -Black Eyes Pokemon -"BEKLUDE are cryptic pokemon who live surrounded by mystery, and finding them is a strange event, They a.

009 Whirlocean by ~LeafyHeart on deviantART

FINAL VERSION: [link] Whirlocean Hey, this is the last evolution of my water starter, Hope you like it! it's a little bit cuter than the other fina.