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Playing with colors - Fun and Creative Painting #AbstractPainting #AmazingPaintPours #PeopleAreAwesome © @JukinMedia
an easel with a painting on it in front of a door and other items
This is like the painting I began but my instructors got sick and I never finished!
four paintings are laid out on the ground
www.robinclontsart.etsy.com @robinclontsart
a hand holding up a small painting with mountains in the background
Pinterest: Dear_Hobi
Thick Acrylic Color Study
Painting Painted Ladies. Gouache Painting by Philip Boelter
a painting of the eiffel tower in paris with pink trees and water on it
Eiffel Tower in Acrylic on 16x20 Canvas. Jessika Rose 2015. (Unavailable)
a painting is being made on a table with some paint and glues next to it
Blossom how to painting
Purple night at the lake.