Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young girl

Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young girl. Bulgaria, the rose country. Come to me and I give thee tulips from my country!


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Traditional Romanian Costume, romanian culture is a part if swiss culture as switserland sits by the boarder of many europian contries and takes cultural influence form many places

Matisse: My favorite: The Romanian Blouse! Used to have a poster of this on the wall.

20 photos Côté Sud pour plonger dans la couleur

Henri Matisse 'La blouse roumaine' (The Romanian Blouse), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Traditional Romanian clothing

Welcome to Romania Welcome to Romania (Source) Romania ( România ) is a country located north of the Balkan Peninsula on th.

romanian costume

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Romanian traditional folk costume; Muntenia

XIX-th century Traditional Romanian Folk Costumes from Muntenia, Muscel area, Arges county.