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several pickles are arranged in the shape of a flower
an open red and white box sitting on top of a checkered cloth covered tablecloth
several folders stacked on top of each other with papers in the bottom left corner
Advanced Organizing Systems Vertical Flat File System Filing Box - Wayfair Canada
an open file box with several files in it and the lid opened to reveal photos
Vertical Flat File System Filing Box
Features:Container Type: BoxStorage Type: Flat fileDocument Size: OversizedWheels Included: NoNumber of Wheels: Removable Wheels: Locking Wheels: Number of Locking Wheels: Hanging Method: Color: WhiteMaterial: CardboardAdditional Materials: Rust Resistant: Impact Resistant: NoNon-Skid: NoFire Resistant: NoFire Resistance Duration: Drawers Included: NoNumber of Drawers: Locking: Anti-Curl Paper Weights: Drawer Glide Extension: Drawer Glide Material: Ball Bearing Glides: Drawer Dividers: Handle De
an image of the size and measurements of a tent