Church dedicated to Archangel Michael in Gurasada, Hunedoara County, Romania

Desesti Wooden Church painting - Maramures

The UNESCO-listed wooden church in Desesti is one of the best preserved in the Maramures region of north-west Romania. For information about tailor made tours in Romania, feel free to contact me by email: mailto:mihaijoimi. or by phone: 0040 755 195 430

Rasca Monastery

Rasca Monastery

Rasca Monastery

Bucovina - Rasca Monastery - Pictures, Information

St. John the New Monastery

John the New Monastery

Ați vizitat vreodată Mănăstirea Voroneț?

Voroneţ Monastery is one of the most visited Orthodox Christian Monasteries of Moldova, Romania. Voroneț is a monastery in Romania, located .