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a wooden table that has been made to look like an abstract piece of wood on it
Lirim, I. and Istova, D. (2015). Timber Table: Three Ways. Retrieved February 17, 2017 from
a wooden bench with moss growing on the top and bottom part, in front of a stage
Let's All Go to the Lobby!
Near the table was a sign with the following words written by Kim Hoelting, the founder of Live Edge: Imagine being alive for a thousand years. Think of the storms, droughts, and brilliant sunny days. Now imagine dying but remaining vertical for another two centuries, with life swirling around you. Then one day you topple over but your body remains visible on the forest floor for many more centuries nourishing your offspring. This is the story of cedar, our totem species.
a wooden table surrounded by white chairs and plants in a room with wood ceilinging
11 terraços e varandas para curtir ao ar livre
Landscaper Marcelo Faisal, used pineapples for the central arrangement of wooden table, purchased from a local craftsman. In the large garden, Faisal distributed red alpinias in the middle of the native vegetation and cashew trees.
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a living room next to a fire place : Fauteuil De Bureau De Luxe - 4 Étoiles & Plus
20 Spaces with Autumn-Inspired Color Palettes | LuxeDaily - Design Insight from the Editors of Luxe Interiors + Design
an industrial style dining room with exposed ceilings
Livre : Vintage industrial - MilK Decoration
I like all but the chairs. I like chairs to be cozy and make you want to stay and talk.