Ceahlau Mountains, Romania Reminds me of the floating mountains in AVATAR, fabulous!

Ceahlau Mountains, Romania // Skydancer Book II: Veil of Thorns // Bri ventures through an enchanted forest to fight an evil sorceress who holds the key to breaking Kean from his cursed imprisonment.

Misty morning in Apuseni mountains by Marian Poară (Romania)

Misty morning in Apuseni mountains by Marian Poară (Romania) www.ro… - Check out Travel Arsenal's latest

Rural homestead in the Apuseni mountains. ~ Apuseni, Romania - Photo by Adrian Petrisor

Apuseni Mountains - Romania Check all series, here: [link] Thank you Autumn colors in Apuseni Mountains 10

Fundatura Ponorului, Munţii Şureanu , Jud. Hunedoara Şureanu Mountains…

Winter Tale - Winterscape over a small village in Șureanu Mountains, Romania (by Catalin Pomeanu on

Salciua, Alba Romania Photographer Adrian Petrisor

Toamna in Apuseni. ___Autumn in Apuseni Mountains - Romania by Adrian Petrisor