I LOVE GOD and I'm not ashamed to say it.

I love God🌹 Yo amo Dios🌹 J'aime Dieu🌹 Lo amo Dio🌹 Eu amo Dios🌹 I Deum diligere🌹


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Marriages without grace have a way of feeling tired and old much faster than we ever have thought going in


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Eu Domnul sunt iertarea cand vina te apasa  Cand lacrima-ti fierbinte ingheata pe obraz,  Dar nu privi 'napoi caci tot ce mai conteaza  E glasul care-ti spune: ''Eu Domnul nu te las''!

If there was ever a time she needed him it was now, but they were set on a collision course and she had no idea of the outcome. From Second Chance by the Sea . part of Timeless Escapes