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four different types of maple leaves on a white background, each with an orange and yellow leaf
Autumn leaf bookmarks, autumn aesthetic, pressed leaves, fall leaf, plant bookmark, page marker
a carved pumpkin with moss and pine cones on the top, surrounded by other decorations
DIY autumn decor. Creation with kids.
Jak zrobić wieniec? DIY zrób to sama - jesienna dekoracja na stół
Gifts, Décor, Easy, Pattern, Decor
two small pine cones sitting on top of a wooden table
a sculpture of a humpback whale with its mouth open and it's tongue out
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a clock made out of wine corks with leaves on the sides and numbers carved into it
a stuffed animal made to look like a cabbage with carrots on its legs and ears
a wooden swing with moss, rocks and pine cones on it in the shape of an owl
there is a cat made out of an apple and two apples sitting on the table