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several different types of surfboards are shown in this graphic art work, with the same color - imwm Resources and Information.
paper sculpture
several different types of boats are shown in this graphic art workflowe, each with their own color scheme
What Start as Ordinary Pencils Become Masterpieces in the Hands of This Artist
With a steady hand and eye for detail, artist Salavat Fidai carves miniature artworks onto the tips of lead pencils. Fidai, who hails from Ufa, Russia is also a painter and illustrator and works not only in miniature but larger scale paintings as well.
multiple images of different types of plates and trays in various stages of being made
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Amazing Art
an image of different cities in black and white with the names of each city on it
City Skyline Silhouette
four different pictures with the same image in each frame, one showing water and lightning
Emma Vieceli's Inky Tasty
Magical Miniature Worlds By Matthew Albanese
four books stacked on top of each other in different positions, with the covers folded down
Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramée Artist Guy Laramee has recently completed a number of new sculptural works where he transforms thick tomes into incredible topographical features including mountains, caves, volcanoes, and even water. Many of the works are part of a new project titled Guan Yin, a series of work dedicated to the forces that enable individuals to endure grief and pain, or in his words “the mysterious forces thanks to which we can traverse ordeals.”
an image of some kind of book that looks like a dinosaur's head with its mouth open
Paper ART sculpture – Smaug – Dragon du Seigneur des Anneaux –
Beautiful Paper ART Sculpture - Smaug / Lord of the Rings by VMCreations aka "FarTooManyIdeas" on DeviantarT
three different views of a person's hand holding a tray with gold and silver designs on it
Noelito Flow
Watch Part Sculptures by Sue Beatrice Repin & like. Listen to #NoelitoFlow
Steam punk ... Wow Insects, Robots, Upcycling, Clockwork, Found Object, Insect Art
Steam punk ... Wow
Motorcycles made from watch parts. Motorcycles, Cool Art, Awesome, Kunst, Auto
Surprise DIY
Motorcycles made from watch parts.
an intricate metal dragon sculpture sitting on the ground
Dragon by @alanwilliamsmetalartist
an abstract photograph of many different colored lines
Birds Eye View. Breathtaking aerial photos from around the world. Absolutely stunning!
an abstract painting with different colors and lines
30 Other Worldly Places You Won't Believe Exist Right Here on Earth
Here are some other worldly places that exist right here on Earth.
four different views of an abandoned building with grass growing on the ground and in front
The Internet's Most Asked Questions | Orte zum besuchen, Verlassene orte, Schöne orte
Amazing abandoned places in the world…
Zombie Makeup Tutorial by on @deviantART
Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Zombie Makeup Tutorial by on @deviantART