How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!)

How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!for Easter. Be sure to hit translate button on top of the page.

Пирог «Букет хризантем» : Выпечка несладкая

Bread and meat rolls - another decorative bread shaping idea - the link doesn't really go anywhere useful.

Chinese egg cake--this sponge cake will just melt in your mouth.

Chinese Egg Cake

Chinese Egg Cake Old Style, Baked Version: Old style Chinese egg cake calls everybody’s childhood memory. This is also referred as mini Chinese sponge cake.


Use a "New" baby nasal syringe to blow the raw eggs out of the shell!this sounds great, because I don't think I could blow raw eggs out of a shell.

Easter eggs

Elegant Easter eggs inspired by the legendary Fabergé eggs. Made entirely ​​of Belgian chocolate, white chocolate flowers lilac, flavored with natural essential oils of muguet violet / Cakes Haute Couture Pasteles de Alta Costura

Japanese sponge cake, Castella カステラ - my favorite dessert in the world. so simple and delicious.

CASTELLA aka KASUTERA ~~~ this sponge cake is a specialty of nagasaki, japan with influence in ingredient and name from portuguese sailors of past (name from pao de castela, sold in long boxes, approximately long, closest relative is pao-de-lo) recip

Moist Lemon or Orange Pound / Loaf Cake. Delicious!

cake recipes,moist lemon or orange pound loaf cake, - Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!