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Miguel Yiallourides | Vegan Coach on Instagram: "15-minute vegan lunch: Loaded Sweet Potato If you’re ready to get some lunch from UberEats or Deliveroo why not make a meal that’s - Healthy - Delicious - Filling - Cheaper - Under 15 minutes….instead? Recipe (makes 2 portions): - 600g (1 1/3 lbs) sweet potato - 1 tbsp olive oil - 400g (14 oz) chickpeas, cooked & drained - Cumin, salt, pepper - 1 tomato, sliced - Bunch of fresh coriander - Tahini dressing (2-3 tbsp tahini, garlic powder, salt

Sweet potatoes

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Jovana | Plant- based healing on Instagram: "✨ ROASTED CAULIFLOWER 🙌🏻😍 Follow @waytohealthkitchen for delicious recipes and healing tips 🙌🏻 I’ve already showed you how I prepare Brussels sprouts (the cruciferous vegetable I would never eat up until I started preparing it that way 😍) and now I would like to present to you the transformation of another not- so- fun veggie that can turn into a delicious side dish or even a full meal 😍🙌🏻 ✨ INGREDIENTS✨ 🌱 1 head of cauliflower (small- mediu


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Best 5 Delicious New Ways To Use Nutritional Yeast (And Why It Belongs In Your Pantry) Recipes, News, Tips And How-Tos

Nutritional yeast

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If you love Cuban cuisine, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on some yuca con mojo. This side dish consists of cassava (yuca) that is boiled until tender then simmered in a garlic zest infused citrus sauce.


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Garlicky Cherry Tomato Gratin - Recipe - FineCooking

Fresh tomato recipes

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Vegan Buddha Bowl


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Chances are you’re trimming off and discarding way too much of your broccoli stems. The stems are so flavorful, they should be their own vegetable. This is our hands-down favorite way to cook the whole plant.


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This healthy and super yummy corn and avocado salad will become your go-to summer recipe! #avocadosalad #cornsalad #glutenfree #vegetarian #corn #avocados #feta
Oven Roasted Green Beans ~ are flavored with lemon and garlic, then roasted to crisp-tender perfection! A fresh and easy side dish all year long!  #greenbeans #roastedgreenbeans #ovenroastedgreenbeans #greenbeanslemongarlic #culinaryhill
These sautéed green beans are crisp and fresh and so simple to make! These Skillet Parmesan Green Beans are an easy side dish for any meal. You can add garlic to this healthy recipe.

Corn/green beans

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BEST EVER ASPARAGUS CASSEROLE has just ten ingredients, super simple steps, and comes out perfectly every single time! This is the best side dish for thanksgiving, a great christmas casserole, or potluck dish. asparagus recipes baked #thanksgivingcasseroles #easyrecipes #bestcasseroles #asparagusrecipes


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indian fried cabbage pin
Tikel Gomen : Ethiopian Cabbage Dish | The Stay At Home Chef


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Breaded Eggplant Sandwiches
Ricotta & Eggplant Casserole | Melt-in-your-mouth eggplant slices, creamy ricotta, parmesan and tomato sauce come together in this delicious meatless comfort food casserole that screams summer. It's easy to make, vegetarian and gluten-free! #vegetarian #glutenfree


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Unstuffed Peppers Exps Cimz18 32836 E09 07 6b 7
These Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers have mushrooms and Feta, and you can make them with cooked brown rice or cauliflower rice! And no matter which version you choose, these tasty stuffed peppers are also gluten-free. [found on KalynsKitchen.com] #VegetarianSTuffedPeppers #StuffedPeppersMushroomsFeta #StuffedPeppersRecipe


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A true Baja California experience requires sunny, breezy patios and a plate of tacos. We aimed to re-create the feel of a Baja-style fish taco in our home kitchen, instead bringing veggies to the forefront.


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Tender, crisp-edged home fries start their lives as baked potatoes, either fresh-made or leftovers. That's the secret to their texture.


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Vegan Cabbage Soup
Vegan Black Bean Quinoa Chili Recipe


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Miguel Yiallourides | Vegan Coach on Instagram: "The Best Falafel Burgers! As someone coming from the Mediterranean I can guarantee these are the best falafel burgers you will ever make Ingredients (makes 6 medium sized patties): FALAFEL BURGERS - 400g (14 oz) chickpeas, canned & drained - 20g (2 tbsp) sesame seeds - 2 medium carrots - 1/3 red onion - 2 garlic cloves - Bunch of fresh parsley - 40g (1 1/2 oz) wheat flour - 1 tbsp cumin - Salt & pepper, to taste - 1 tbsp olive oil, for frying
Drew Magary Is Here To Judge Our Attempts At Vegetarian Cooking
Drew Magary Is Here To Judge Our Attempts At Vegetarian Cooking


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Jovana | Plant- based healing on Instagram: "✨ FALL SALAD w/ home- made dressing 😍 follow @waytohealthkitchen for more delicious recipes & healing tips 😍 This salad is one of my favorite salads of all times 😍 Your taste buds will just explode with soo much flavor and garlic in the dressing is taking it to the next level 😍 This will turn anyone to salad- lover, I promise 😍😍 Perfect for fall or pretty much any season 🤤 ✨ INGREDIENTS✨ 🌱 1/3 butternut squash (peeled, seeded and cubed)- if u
How to Make and Cook Zucchini Noodles - Everything You Need to Know!


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Jasmine Briones 🇪🇨🇵🇭 on Instagram: "VEGAN LENTIL MEATLOAF 🥰 (gluten-free) Who knew you could make a meatloaf out of vegetables? This easy to make Veggie Meatloaf requires simple ingredients and just about an hour of your time. It’s free from gluten and added oil, and makes the perfect holiday entree. Veggie Meatloaf * 2 tbsp oil * 1/2 medium (113g) onion, finely chopped * 1/2 cup (73g) finely chopped carrots * 1/2 (75g) green bell pepper, finely chopped * 1 rib (30g) celery, finely diced *
Jovana | Plant- based healing on Instagram: "✨ THE BEST WALNUT TACO MEAT you’ll ever make by @waytohealthkitchen 😍 This recipe will impress you and open up so many flavorful possibilities 😍🙏🏻❤️ 🌱1 red onion finely diced 🌱 4 garlic cloves crushed 🌱2 cups walnuts (hold them in hot water for 30 min, drain then pulse in a food processor 🌱 1/4 cup sun- dried tomatoes 🌱 1 lime juiced 🌱 3 tbsp soy sauce 🌱 salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste 🌱 1 tsp paprika 🌱 1 tsp cumin 🌱 1 tsp oregano ?
Easy vegan sausage crumbles are so easy to make, incredibly realistic in taste and texture, and much healthier than store-bought vegan “meat”. This recipe is also completely oil-free.


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Carleigh Bodrug on Instagram: "🤯🥔💖I tried SMASHED POTATOES and OMG they are worth the hype. In my opinion, small potatoes are overrated for this trend. Find big, golden yukon golds! My recipe for these is now live at plantyou dot com along with the green goddess dressing which is a must! . #recipe #potatoes #easyrecipe #simplerecipe #vegan #veganrecipe #vegandiet #veganfood #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedrecipe #healthyrecipe #Healthydiet #Potatoes potato recipe #smashedpotatoes"
Chili + Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Lime Juice #sweetpotatoes #potatoes #sidedish #snack #workout


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Kimmy Lee | IIN Health Coach on Instagram: "Another 1 pan mean recipe because that is all Im making these days.  My goal right now with meal prepping is to: make 1-2 sheet pan meals like this a week to help decrease time spent in the kitchen & to set me up for a pre made healthy lunch a couple times a week.  I will make a tray bake like this one shown and always make a quick sauce that can be used in this meal and on other meals throughout the week. Staying on track with healthy eating as a new mama is hard so I am pulling out all the meal prep hacks to help me out.  I want to be able to spend more time being present with my baby and more time getting the other important stuff done. Taking advantage of oven made meals is the perfect tool that allows me to multitask how I want to.  I made a half batch in the video but here is the instructions for the full batch which should give you 4-6 servings! Ingredients: 1 butternut squash diced 2 cups carrots diced 1 15 oz can garbanzo beans  1 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste) 2 tsp garlic powder  1 tsp paprika  1 tsp chili powder 3 tbsp olive oil Preheat oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Add all ingredients to the pan and toss until well combined. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Remove from oven and toss over your choice of protein (I used quinoa) and the maple tahini sauce: Maple tahini sauce- 4 tbsp tahini 1/2 lemon juiced 2 tbsp maple syrup Pinch of salt Water to thin (add after other ingredients are whisked together) #newmama #healthcoachformamas #mamawellness #healthyrecipeidea #healthyrecipes #healthy #healthcoach #mama #newmamahealthcoach #postpartumhealthcoach #plantbasedrecipes #healthymealprep #mealprepideas"
Quinoa Recipes, Vegan Meals, Vegetarian Dinners, Cooking Food