corina moraru
Mai multe idei de la corina
15 Fantastic Chicken Wing Recipes - baked, grilled or fried! From classic Honey Garlic to Blueberry Barbecue or Baked Kung Pao, find your fave wings here.
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DIY neoprene highwaist pencil skirt and crop top-Beaute' J'adore
Mary Portas Twistdetail No Brainer Dress
25 Roll Ups for Game Day. Finger foods, football games, pinwheel appetizers, party menu, crowd go wild!
Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponWe have said it often and we will reiterate here that the more choices you have when it comes to fashions, the better it will be for you. This is because we as women have many needs and moods when it comes to dressing which means the more we have to...
Le palais vintage
Love the guys in the background ☺
I love the details on this dress: the collar, the ruche, the seams, the sleeve length. Vintage 1950's style