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a wooden shelf with measurements for the top and bottom
Tyler Morris Woodworking Wood Shelf Bracket - Oak Straight 8
Fold up! And watch these clever folding hacks!
a dining room table with chairs and pictures on the wall above it, along with bar stools
Bom diaaaaa {} Olha essa sala de jantar: com o piso elevado e iluminação parece que está flutuando! Ameiiii . {} Me siga também no @andreaalcantara . #homeDecor #projetos #decoração #interiores #arquitetura #decor #interiordesign #blogalmocodesexta #grupodecordigital #olioliteam #archdaily
a drawing on paper with an image of a house and other things in the background
Rental Bathrooms, Just Like Home by Royal Restrooms
What's this? A box to an adult and a child. "It's fine to think inside the box as long as you don't accept that a box is a box."