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a green bowl filled with food on top of a table
cheburashka snack! ahhh
a table topped with lots of different types of food in bowls next to oranges
there are two small chocolates in the packaging with words on them that say, this is so cute i need itasap
like where can I get smth like this??!!
a square cake decorated with red, white and blue icing on a glass platter
Non-bento #30: Domo-kun brownies
Domo-kun brownies
how to make heart shaped cookies with chocolate icing and red frosting on them
How to Make Domo-Kun Heart Cookies
a plastic container filled with rice, carrots and other vegetables covered in sushi
from tamagotchi ...
there are sushi rolls on the plate with different kinds of meats and vegetables
a white box filled with lots of stuffed teddy bears in it's wrappers
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pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips on top are sitting on a plate next to strawberries
Pin on valentine day gift
sushi on a wooden board with chopsticks next to it
a breakfast plate with eggs, toast and fruit on the counter top next to an orange
fried chicken, french fries and ketchup are on a pink plate with sauce
an apple shaped like an elephant with its trunk sticking out and eyes closed, on a white background